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Financing round OPEN until 09/30/2023

Here you will find all the essential information and instructions to participate directly in the capital increase round open until 09/30/2023. If you have any questions or need more information, you can write to


  • Price per share:
    • The share price is 5.40 euros per share until September 30, 2023. (4.65 euros for investments bigger than 25,000 euros)
  • Minimum investment: 371 shares for an amount of €2003.40 at 5.40€/share
  • Transfer for the desired value, always multiples of 4.65, or 5.40 later to the following account:


  • Send an email to with the COPY or PROOF of the bank transfer made and the following information:
    • In case of individual:
      • Name and surname
      • DNI/NIE
      • Birthdate
      • Nationality
      • Full mailing address
      • Email
      • Phone
      • Profession
      • Civil Status and Regime in case of marriage
      • Securities deposit account number and bank (for future IPO)



    • In case of company:
      • Business name
      • CIF/VAT
      • Full mailing address
      • Email
      • Phone
      • Registry data (Commercial Registry of XXXXX Volume XXXX Folio XXXX, Sheet No. XXXX)
      • contact person
      • Contact E-Mail
      • Phone
      • Securities deposit account number and bank (for future IPO).


  • On behalf of Laminar, once the contribution is received, we will provide you with a confirmation of the transfer received for your registration and, as soon as the increase is closed, a copy of the capital increase deed.


We add information of interest for this round of capital:


  • The company has raised approximately 30 million euros in capital in the 17 years of the company’s life, of which 12 million euros have been raised since 2022. The current round is now the biggest in Laminar’s history, with more than 3.5 million euros raised.
  • This September 2022 we have received from the American Medicines Agency (FDA – Food and Drug Administration) the recognition of Fast Track in the United States, which is a new advance in the process of arrival of the medicine to patients in 2024 as a continuation of the orphan drug designation in the United States in October 2021.
  • On linkedIn you can find up-to-date information.
  • We include this video explaining our most relevant pharmaceutical product (LAM561) which is in phase III of the clinical study and is expected to hit the market in 2024 (the company has been with this project for more than 17 years) and this other video from our last Investor’s day where we answered numerous questions and discussed the status of the project
  • Additionally, we share that we have been awarded on February 14, 2022 with the “Onda Cero Award in Mallorca in the Science and Research modality”. We have also been awarded with the CEPYME “Technological innovation” prize this year 2023 and we were finalists in two categories
  • In June 2023 , we exceeded 66patients recruited in our clinical trial, an important milestone because it is close to the date of possible conditional approval, if it shows significant clinical benefit.


Thank you very much for your interest! And remember that if you have any questions you can contact

Financial information

In order to advance our innovative R&D pipeline we are continuously seeking new collaborations. We welcome licensing, partnering and alliances with leading players in the industry who can effectively contribute to bring novel melitherapy-based products to the market and make them available to patients globally.


We have recently joined the Growth segment of the Pre-Market Environment, in a step towards joining the stock market. The Pre-Market Environment (EpM) training program started in 2017 for growing SMEs. This ecosystem connects investors, companies and professionals from official and alternative markets of equities and bonds.


Shareholder area

Welcome to our shareholder area. Here you will find updated information about the company’s stocks and finances. You can download and consult documents from shareholder meetings and agreements.

Get involved!

Would you like to become a shareholder in our company so we can establish melitherapy as a reference treatment globally? We are looking forward to working with private investors and institutions by joining the stock market.


We are also looking for partnering opportunities for our lead R&D program with LAM561A1 in oncology, which has completed two clinical studies (a phase 1/2a and a phase 1b trials) with excellent results and has initiated a pivotal phase 2b/3 clinical study. We are open to discussing global partnering opportunities as well as potential collaborations with strong and motivated local development and commercial partners in specific markets like Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, Europe, Mexico or North America, were we hold strong IP rights for this product.  We are also considering partnering and investing opportunities for other melitherapy-based products in our pipeline, and particularly for our promising LAM226A1 program in Alzheimer’s disease.


If you are interested in investing or partnering opportunities, please contact us at